From the side of the Licensee to the position of the licensor our objective is to maximize the brand return.
At BIG HANDS we create and facilitate the strategic alliances that will result in higher sales.

From a commodity to a branded product






From the brand positioning to the right channel



Mrs. Pinzon is Managing Director at BIG HANDS a Boutique Licensing Agency that operates in the Andean Region (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) and represents brands, such as Care Bears, Sonic, Mafalda and Emoji.

She gained expertise and reputation in the Licensing Business thru 15 years working at Mattel Inc, eleven of them dedicated to build the Licensing business unit from zero to a six million profit center operated with six people covering the Andean Region plus Central America.

Nowadays, Olga is fully devoted to replicate her success taking the better of the two worlds, for the Licensors and Licensees, placing her Company – BIG HANDS – at the center to guarantee effective Strategic Alliances that will result in a win to win relation.

Her strength in the commercial area as well as brand builder was founded in two multinational companies L`Oreal where she had the position of Brand Manager and Unilever where she grounded her career from Sales Representative.

Mrs. Pinzon is a Business Administrator graduated from Universidad Externado de Colombia and holds a Master’s degree in Marketing On-line & Ecommerce from Universidad de Barcelona.


Mr. De Cordova is Partner and Board Member at GRUPO DECORSE, the holding Company for investments in retail and brand licensing. Currently, he is actively involved in strategic advisory and business facilitation for Latam with emphasis in business opportunities across the Andean Region (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador).
In addition, he acts as Chairman of Board and Member of the Remuneration Committee at EKA Corporation. He also has a place as Member of the Board and Member of the Human Resources Committee at JGB a 90 year Colombian iconic FMCG.

Rafael +25 years working experience includes positions in Latam, USA, UK, Africa and Asia. He worked for Just Point Investments a Spanish holding, where he leaded the positioning and expansion plan for a Carbonated Soft Drinks and other beverage brands to 23 markets in three different continents. He also was Global Marketing Capability Director for SABMiller at UK Headquarters, and Marketing Director for the SABMiller – Bavaria Colombian two billion USD operations.
His career track includes 12 years at Unilever, where he started as Brand Manager and ended as Andean Regional Category Manager. He also had 5 years working at The Gillette Company (P&G) in Boston Headquarters as well as in its Colombian operation.

Mr. De Cordova is graduated from Industrial Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Cali, Colombia) and holds a MBA from Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia). He also has postgraduate studies in Administration and Management from Harvard University Extension School (Boston, USA) and studies in the Senior Management Program at INALDE Business School at Universidad de la Sabana.


Associate Licensing Agent at BIG Hands – Boutique Licensing Agency – representing the firm in Ecuador with brands, such as Care Bears, Mafalda, Sonic, Frida Kahlo and Live Nations Brands. Andres experience in the licensing world comes from Mattel Inc., where he was Associate Licensing Manager. During his tenure he doubled the Ecuadorian business in a three 3 years period, reporting to the Licencing Director for the Andean Region.

Andres also has +8 years experience in sales and marketing at Samsung Electronics where he managed projects such as the introduction of a shop display in consumer electronics market and several product launches thru a committed and motivated sales team. In addition he was responsible for development of the Social Media Marketing Area.

During 2014 and 2015 he was Director of E-Government in charge of projects at the National Secretariat of Public Administration at Ecuadorian government. He participated as member of the E-government committee and Member of the Red Gealc. (Electronic Government Network of Latin America and the Caribbean).
Mr. Zelaya is graduated in Management Information Systems Engineer at Santa Maria University from Chile.


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Socio Fundador y Miembro del Directorio del Grupo Decorse, empresa que consolida inversiones en el sector retail, e-commerce y licenciamiento de marcas en el área Andina. Actualmente, esta involucrado en Consultoría (liderazgo, estrategia y transformación) así como la facilitación de negocios con foco en Colombia, Perú, Ecuador y España.
Es Presidente de la Junta Directiva y miembro del Comité de Remuneración de la Corporación EKA. Igualmente es Miembro de Junta y miembro del Comité de Gestión Humana de la compañía de consumo masivo JGB.
Rafael +25 años de experiencia corporativa incluyen proyectos en Just Point Investments donde participó en la expansión geográfica de un portafolio de bebidas a países de Asia y África. De igual modo ejerció roles de Dirección en SABMiller en casa matriz – Londres como en la operación local en Colombia.
Su estructura fundacional la recibió en Unilever donde a través de su 12 años de carrera, trabajó en todos los países del área andina. Inicio su trayectoria en Gillette – P&G ganando experiencia en casa matriz – Boston así como en la operación de Colombia.
Rafael es Ingeniero Industrial con Maestría en Administración de Empresas de la Universidad de los Andes así como estudios de Post Grado en el Inalde Business School, Harvard University Extension School y Wharton.