The BRAND power has a fundamental role in the customer purchase intention but its execution into different product formats is equally or even more important. In BIG HANDS we commit to work for the three stakeholders, Brands (as legal asset), Licensor (brand owner), Licensee (company that contracts the use of the brand for its products).

Olga Pinzón and Rafael De Cordova

Olga Pinzón

are the founding partners of BIG Hands, a company in which they capitalize on their combined experience of + 50 years of corporate experience in first level companies, where brands are the most valuable and important asset for the company sustainability.

In Mattel Olga Pinzón created the licensing division for the Andean area and Central America, introducing for the first time brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher Price in the model of licensing for this company.

In the case of Olga Pinzón, her 20 + years career at Unilever, L’Oreal and Mattel in the areas of marketing and sales, allow her to be the perfect brand ambassador to find the customers and distribution channels suitable for the branded products that BIG HANDS represents.

In the case of Rafael De Cordova, his +25 year career experience in companies such as Gillette, Unilever and SAB Miller, leading the design and positioning of brands, allows him to act as the brand guardian that always will take care of the brand value proposition.

In Unilever he had the opportunity to manage the portfolio of global brands in all its categories from food, personal care and home care with brands such as Axe, Rexona, Fruco among many others.

In addition, Rafael De Cordova has managed brands in categories such as carbonated beverages and beers, with local, regional or global responsability. By his step in SABMiller he had the challenge of continuing to leverage brands that are considered local jewelry such as: Aguila, Club Colombia, Pilsen and Cuzco as well as global brands such as Peroni or Miller.

With this combination of experiences, Olga Pinzón and Rafael de Cordova are aware of the responsibility they have when a licensor trusts them to manage their brands.

The fact that both Olga Pinzón and Rafael De Cordova, have experience in different countries and continents, allows them to understand different cultures and habits of brands users to adapt them to the local reality. That is, when selecting a Brand Licensing Agency, BIG HANDS has the competitive advantage of working as the perfect advisor to introduce brands to new territories, as well as continue to build brand awareness through the licensing model.

In the same way they have developed the vision to select the perfect partner (licensee) to consolidate the positioning and equity of the brands they represent in the different territories. In short, BIG HANDS is the right choice when it comes to professional licensing in Latin America.

Rafael de Cordova